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Conditions of Entry

Is your current Real Estate Agent proactive in protecting your home or asset?

When conducting Open Inspections of your home or asset, NSPM Property Services ask all interested parties who wish to inspect the premises to show photo I.D. before they are allowed access. 

We note down their full name, and any I.D. details (such as drivers license number or passport number) for security reasons (and in accordance with the necessary Privacy Legislation). 

If anything goes missing from your home, something is damaged during the inspection, or there is some other circumstantial event that occurs, the relevant authorities can be contacted with accurate and up to date details of all parties who inspected your home or asset.

Those parties who do not wish to provide adequate photo I.D. to view your home or asset, are refused entry and asked to leave the property. The Conditions of Entry are displayed at each property viewing.


You will need to comply with our conditions of entry if you wish to inspect this property.
The conditions are designed for your safety and security, the security of the occupants of the property and the safety and security of our staff.

Before you may inspect this property you will be asked to provide - 

Your name;

Your home address; and

Your telephone number

You must also be able to identify yourself by producing your current drivers license/ passport.
Our staff will record your personal information: your name, home address, telephone number and the number of your drivers license/passport.
If you would prefer not to provide your personal information, you may wish to inspect another property.
Thank you for your co-operation.


Collection & Use of personal information

We collect personal information about individuals who inspect properties we have for sale or lease and use the information for the following purposes:

  • To report to our principal on who inspected the property;
  • To provide information in relation to the property to individuals who carried out inspections;
  • If an accident occurs or the property sustains damage, to provide information to relevant authorities, including but not limited to ambulance and hospital staff, police, and insurers;
  • If a crime is committed or suspected of being committed at the property, to provide information to relevant authorities, including but not limited to ambulance and hospital staff, police, and insurers;
  • To enable us to promote other properties we have for sale or lease, our services and/or seek out potential clients.
  • We may be required to collect and use your personal information under Commonwealth and New South Wales laws relating to the sale of real estate, taxation, foreign investment, money laundering, and terrorism.
  • You may contact us at Northern Suburbs Property Management between 8.00am & 5.00pm Monday to Friday (public holidays excepted) to gain access to or amend the personal information we hold about you.
  • When we have sold this property, or our authority comes to an end, whichever occurs first, we will destroy your personal information.
  • The main consequence for you if you do not provide your personal information is that you will be unable to inspect this property. 





如果在看房过程中您家中物品发生丢失、损坏或出现其他状况, 我们会将看过您房产的人员的最新信息报告给相关部门。












  • 向我们的委托人汇报有谁看察过此物业。
  • 向前来看房的人提供有关物业的信息。
  • 如果发生事故或房屋发生损坏,我们会向相关部门提供信息,这些部门包括但不限于救护车和医院员工、警察和保险公司。
  • 如果在此物业内发生或怀疑发生犯罪行为,我们会向相关部门提供信息,这些部门包括但不限于救护车和医院员工、警察和保险公司。
  • 用于推广我们代理出售或出租的其他物业、我们的服务和/或寻找潜在客户。
  • 我们可能会被要求根据联邦和新南威尔士州的有关于房地产销售、税务、外国投资、洗钱和反恐的法律收集和使用您的个人信息。
  • 您可以在周一至周五早8点至晚5点之间(公共假期除外)联络我们,北区物业管理公司(Northern Suburbs Property Management),以便获取和修改我们保有的您的个人信息。
  • 当我们售出您的物业,或我们的授权终止时,不管那种情况先出现,我们将会销毁您的个人信息。
  • 您不提供个人信息的主要后果就是您无法看察此物业。

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