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Tenant Information

Welcome to NSPM Property Services! 

The following information is to assist you in your tenancy. 

Payment can be made by:

Payment of rent and water usage are accepted by personal cheque (post dated cheques will not be accepted), bank cheque, direct deposit or money order, made payable to "NSPM Property Services" or by deposit .'

Your tenant code must be noted as a reference. Should your payment be received without the accompanying code and it becomes necessary to place a trace on same, the trace cost of $35.00 will be passed onto you. 

If at any time you are unable to make a rental payment, on or before the due date, please make immediate contact with your Property Manager. Receipts will be posted to you upon receipt of a self addressed envelope. 

Should rental payments fall more than 14 days in arrears you will be issued with a Notice of Termination and action will be taken to recover owed funds. This could also result in your name being listed as a defaulter. 

All bonds, under law, are lodged with the Department of Fair Trading, Rental Bond Board. These are held as security against any damage or undue wear and tear and will be refunded as promptly as possible, provided the property is left in the same condition as when the lease commenced and all outstanding monies are paid up to date. 

Occupation Inspection Report

A premises condition report has been completed prior to you taking up occupancy. It is essential that you complete the report by placing a Y for yes or a N for no in the "Tenant agrees" column. The yellow copy MUST be signed and dated and returned to us within seven (7) days of the commencement of your tenancy. 

Periodic inspection

4 periodic inspections will be made during the course of your tenancy within a 12 month period.


We strongly urge you to obtain contents insurance to ensure that your personal possessions are covered against loss, damage or theft.

Repairs and maintenance

All repairs are attended to as promptly as possible. However it is often necessary to obtain the owners permissions and/or quote before any work can commence, so delays are sometimes unavoidable. 

Any monies spent by yourselves on repairs and maintenance will not be reimbursed unless prior approval was obtained from this office and a receipt is produced. 

PLEASE NOTE: All repairs and maintenance must be requested in writing.

If you fail to keep arrangements regarding tradesman's access and a service charge for calling is received, we will have to pass this account onto you for payment. 

Where applicable, the upkeep of the gardens and grounds are your responsibility. 

Please do not store unnecessary paper, rubbish, bottles, cane etc on or around the premises. Please do not install any picture hooks without the Landlord prior written approval. 


Under certain circumstances this office may give permission for internal repainting of the premises. Permission must always be given in writing prior to commencement of any work. It is essential that a colour scheme and brand of paint be submitted to us for consideration (approval is normally given to beige and off white only).

Termination of lease

Your Residential Tenancy Agreement is a legal binding agreement, providing protection for both you and the owner. Once it has expired, you are at liberty to remain in the premises or give written notice to our office, if you wish to vacate. Please refer to you Residential Tenancy Agreement and Renting Guide for the required notice. 

If however unforeseen circumstances arise and you have to vacate before the expiration of the Residential Tenancy Agreement, please advise us in writing immediately and we will endeavor to find another suitable tenant. There are a number of costs that you will incur until such time that a tenant is found. The costs are as follows:

  1. Rent until the day that another tenant occupies the property.
  2. A re-letting fee.
  3. The Landlords new lease fee.
  4. Any advertising expenses.

In some cases the present tenant may introduce a tenant to take over their lease and as the owner's approval must be obtained, check out and check in is still carried out and the above fees still apply. 


Any changes to work or home telephone numbers and email addresses must be advised to this office promptly.





您可以通过下列方式支付房租和水费:个人支票(不接受日期迟填支票)、银行支票、直接转账和汇票。收款人请用英文填写“NSPM Property Services” ( NSPM物业服务公司)或“by deposit”( 存款人)。




根据法律规定,所有押金都会上交到公平交易部(Department of Fair Trading ),房租押金委员会(Rental Bond Board)。这些押金作为赔偿损坏和过度损耗的担保将会尽可能快地退还给租客,只要房屋保持与租期开始时相同的状态并且所有应付款项都已付清。 


在您正式入住之前应当完成一份房屋环境报告。您需要在“租客同意(Tenant agrees)”一栏中填入“是(Y)”或“否(N)”,这是最基本的。你必须签署黄色副本并标注日期,在您的租期开始7天之内将它递送给我们。 







Any monies spent by yourselves on repairs and maintenance will not be reimbursed unless prior approval was obtained from this office and a receipt is produced. 








您的住房租赁协议(Residential Tenancy Agreement)是保护您和业主的具有法律效力的协议。当超过它的有效期限之后,您享有继续住在该房屋内的自由,或者如果您想退租,就向本公司提交书面通知。关于规定的通知,请参考《住房租赁协议》与《租房指导》(Residential Tenancy Agreement and Renting Guide)。  

但是,如果发生无法预见的情况而您必须在住房租赁协议(Residential Tenancy Agreement)到期之前退租,请立即以书面形式通知我们,我们会尽可能的寻找其他合适的租客。在找到新租客之前,您的退租行为将会产生一些费用。下列为这些费用:

  1. 在其他租客入住之日以前的租金。
  2. 重新出租费。
  3. 房东新租约费用。
  4. 任何广告费。




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